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Izhiman Coffee, a taste that takes you back home, to Jerusalem, to Palestine( 350Gm)


How to make coffee ( Arab coffee )?

Depending on the size of the coffee pot you can average how many coffee cups the pot will make

To make three small coffee cups:-

1- Fill a half full pot with water.

2- Turn stove on to medium heat.

3- Boil water.

4- Lower heat.

5- Add three teaspoons of Arabic grind coffee to water inside coffee pot and stir

Keep temperature low and let the coffee brew on low temperature After 5 minutes on low heat the coffee will start to boil inside pot and starts foaming and slowly rise to top.

6- Turn stove off and let the pot settle for a minute.

7- Grab the coffee pot by handle, lift and pour coffee over coffee cups.

8- Place the coffee cups on a serving plate, pour coffee and enjoy.


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